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Special Sale

I would like to introduce an aroma pendant this time. It is a measure against Zika fever prevention.


Insects, such as a mosquito, will be kept at bay if aroma liquid is put in this pendant.


There is about six kinds of effective aroma liquid.


Geranium, Lavender, Eucalyptus Citriodora,Lemongrass, Mint, Rosemary


Aroma Pendant No.1

Aroma pendant with rhine stone, with plastic (upper screw system) bottle. 2000pcs. U.S$3.7

Aroma PendantNo.3

3main-line aroma pendant with rhine stone-less (lower screw system) plastic bottle.2,500 pieces。U.S$3.5

Aroma Pendant No.4

Round rocket aroma pendant with rhine-stone.3,000pcs. U.S$3.3



Silver Necklace with a diamond(real 0.03ct)

With silver double heart pendant diamond (they are 0.03ct and genuine article.)


It can use the red black box for department stores, smallness heart, and a large heart independent,


It can be used according to everyday various scenes. 130pcs U.S$30

Silver Necklace with a diamond(real 0.03ct),with case of this picture

Silver Necklace with case (above same goods) U.S$30

Tie Tack Set with plastic case and paper box

I hear that the woman of change for the past 20 years who wears a jacket increased overwhelmingly.


It is a popular model located in a line with a pendant in quantity in precious-metals relations.


Three kinds of those with goods .This can also be properly used on a scene. U.S$10


Gold Plated 200pcs.
Silver Plated 200pcs.


Two-tone Necklace

The necklace into which a pink and crystal rhinestone goes
by turns that it is transparent. People are made fine. 35pcs. U.S$15

Cherry Leaf Necklace

The design necklace containing the flower of Sakura,
and by turns [ of four leaves ]. You are led fortunately. 20pcs. U.S$15


Round Necklace

The design of four leaves of right and left of the light of middle supports.. 10pcs. U.S$15



Place of delivery: Tokyo or Yokohama Port.


Time of shipment: Within 30days after received LC.


Terms of payment: By Irrevocable L/C at sight orremittance. sight or remittance


This Estimate is valid until: 30days.


Remarks: Minimum Lot is 100pcs.


If it exceeds 8000 pieces on the whole, it cannot sell at the same price.


All aroma pendant with plastic bottle epcect No.4. plastic bottle except No.4.






Aroma pendant

F.O.B Tokyo


No.1 Rhodium Plated 1pcs. U.S$3.7 Upper Screw Tipe


(All No. is brass. )



No.3 Rhodium Plated 1pcs. U.S$3.5 bottom Screw Tipe


No.4 Rhodium Plated 1pcs. U.S$3.3 Rocket Type




Packing:(No.1-4) 200pcs in an inner box, 2boxes in export carton about 0.16cft. 4.3kg.



Silver necklace is 12pcs in an inner box,11boxes in export carton about 1.4cft, 6kg.


Tie Tack Set is 12pcs in an inner box, 32 boxes in export carton about 1.9cft, 12kg.
















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