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Neck holder using chlorine dioxide


(This product kills bacteria.)


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In this disinfectant, chlorine dioxide is generated by the reaction of


the content component with the moisture in the air.


The generated chlorine dioxide acts on proteins that cause bacteria, viruses, odors


floating due to its


oxidizing power, and demonstrates


excellent bacteriostatic deodorizing effect.


How to use


@ Remove the sachet from the aluminum bag.


A Set the sachet as specified.


B Sterilization deodorizing effect lasts about 2 months.


Precautions for use


@ Please do not get wet with water. Reaction is intensified and there is a risk of bleaching.


A Please do not break the sachet (sachet) of the main body.


B This product can not be eaten.


C Do not store or use in places where direct sunlight or heating equipment such as heating equipment will be
D Characteristics of this product, you may feel a smell (pool odor). If you feel uncomfortable, please stop


using it immediately and ventilate.


E There is some bleaching effect. Please do not adhere to color articles of clothing, leather goods.


F There is a corrosive effect. Do not leave it in close contact with metal, precious metal, precision


machinery, plating products.


G Please keep and use it out of reach of small children and pets.


H As soon as the bag breaks, stop using it. If the contents spill, collect it and discard it.


I The effect and the effective period will increase or decrease depending on the usage environment.


J This product is for indoor use only. You can not fully demonstrate the ability you expect in outdoors.
K Please follow the classification of local government in case of putting out to garbage after use.


L Please refrain from using in enclosed space with few ventilation times.


M Please do not let the nose approach the release part of the ingredients.


If you have symptoms such as asthma, allergies etc, if you have a chronic illness please consult your doctor.


Required action


About chlorine dioxide generator


@ If swallowed, rinse mouth immediately and drink more water or milk.


A If it gets in your eyes, rinse with running water immediately. If pain persists please consult your doctor.


B If you get on the skin, rinse with running water immediately. Please consult your doctor if abnormal remains.


Aroma bag charm

It is not a normal bag charm, but it is a product that comes out with a scent.




Dementia Reserve for Aroma Pendant



Using 4 kinds of aroma liquid, we aim to get rid of the dementia reserve group.


Use 2 kinds of morning and 2 kinds of aroma liquid at night


to do.






"Kidsa" is from 2500 years ago,The private sector that has been held in China .Acupuncture which is a therapy


Is the origin. "That" is a shameIn the sense, "Sa" can not move Indicating blood that has become stagnant


You Using a special board for skin meridians By rubbing and stimulating the reflection area

Pressure is applied to capillaries and bloodPush the poison to the skin surface, meridian


Improve the flow of So to speak, oriental medicine de Tot It can be said that.


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